We recently purchased a temperature-controlled storage solution in the heart of Sierra Leone. Ethically-run, managed to the highest standards and using the latest technologies, the Joshua Street warehouse offers both international and Sierra Leonean businesses a unique facility for multiple storage needs.

Unlike many other storage offerings in the country, this warehouse operates on a ‘pay as you go’ scalable costing model, giving users the opportunity to pay based on their varying usage, as opposed to up-front, fixed commitments.


Our storage solution is insulated between 15 – 25 degrees, with full temperature mapping completed to WHO standards. Using the latest technologies, we are able to remotely monitor conditions and have a 24-hour alert system to control and adapt temperatures in real time.


Innovative technologies

The Joshua Street warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art cloud-based IT Warehouse Management System improving stock visibility for all your client’s inventory. With product details shared on receipt we can provide automated reporting solutions confirming the latest status and location of stock from receipt, put-away and dispatch.


  • Our licensed warehouse adheres to international quality and WHO standards
  • Our solution is GDP compliant during all phases of storage, helping to maximise shelf life
  • We provide increased visibility and accountability through on-demand stock reporting
  • Bar-coding and scanning options are available
  • The warehouse has web tracking of stock and document visibility
  • Our on-site staff are GDP trained and operate to the highest health and safety standards
  • We have an internationally recognised security team on site 24/7
  • Our site is disaster ready. In the unlikely event of a national catastrophe, you can have the assurance that your stock is secure
  • We are unique in our financial benefits:
    • Variable cost solution for your storage needs
    • No advance commitment or pre-payment required
    • Charges based on usage rather fixed commitments (subject to availability)

Additional warehouse solutions

Greenshields Cowie also oversees a fully managed warehousing solution in Turkey. Our Mersin storage solution provides clients with full inventory and stock management systems, as well as cool store and dry store warehouse services. In 2021 we have made over 150 deliveries from the warehouse to the Syrian border.