Emergency Response

Greenshields Cowie is an industry leader in final mile logistics. We are renowned for delivering a variety of commodities, including health-related goods, humanitarian aid, vehicles, hazardous goods and construction equipment to some of the most challenging, remote and volatile regions in the world, including Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria and Syria.

With our extensive experience in managing complex logistical requirements on large-scale projects, we can respond to emergencies quickly and effectively, finding innovative solutions to support our clients’ needs.

Responding to crises around the world

When a crisis strikes, we deliver health products, cold chain pharmaceuticals, emergency relief items, vehicles, hazardous goods and construction equipment into the most challenging areas of the world.

Complex and volatile regions demand exceptional project management skills and grass roots knowledge. This is where Greenshields Cowie’s unique project management approach really excels. Our dedicated team ensures that multi-modal transport deliveries remain on schedule, and that clients are kept fully informed throughout the process.

In recent years we have responded to crises in 53 different countries:


For over 25 years, Greenshields Cowie provided humanitarian and emergency response logistics to the UK Government, using our life-saving expertise and capacity to respond globally to disasters and crises through the quickest possible mechanisms:


Sectarian violence has forced over 680,000 Rohingya refugees to flee to Bangladesh. In response to this urgent humanitarian crisis, we despatched shelter kits and blankets from India and negotiated with major international airlines to assist with deliveries into Chittagong Airport where the International Organization for Migration distributed the cargo.


In response to a devastating series of hurricanes which struck the Caribbean in 2017, Greenshields Cowie delivered 210,065kgs of emergency relief items including shelter kits, hygiene kits, jerry cans, water treatment tablets, hardware lighting towers and corrugated roof sheeting to Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago. 


In 2016, when Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, we delivered emergency new housing and safe structures, including 30 containers of corrugated roofing into Port Au Prince to protect over 100,000 displaced people.


Within four hours of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, we began transporting 10,095 kilos of emergency shelter kits on air charters from Karachi to seven districts within Kathmandu.

COVID-19: the greatest logistical challenge the world has ever faced

With our global footprint, network of trusted suppliers and expertise in getting crucial health commodities to challenging destinations, we were uniquely placed to assist our clients with their COVID-19 response when the pandemic began.

Over the last two years, Greenshields Cowie has supported major world donors, governments and NGOs in their COVID-19 emergency response activities, with operations including:

  • Delivering 250 tons of PPE cargo, including swabs, test kits, and hand sanitizer
  • Handling over 980 shipments, with 24 still in progress
  • Loading 1,300,000 hygiene products on trucks destined for Syria
  • Transporting over 5 million vaccines to countries around the world

Responding to Ebola in Sierra Leone

When the Ebola epidemic took hold in Sierra Leone in 2014, we flew 2,111 tonnes of emergency aid into Freetown on charter flights landing every 48 hours.

The team worked throughout the outbreak to make sure that the treatment centres received everything they needed when they needed it, from their initial construction all the way through to the steady decline and eventual suppression of the virus.

By keeping open this vital supply line we ensured that life-saving treatments could reach the Emergency Treatments Centres throughout the country. In 2015, we won a Global Freight Award in recognition of our outstanding services on this project.