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Ray Bell and Jean Allnutt 1

Greenshields Cowie LogisticsRay Bell and Jean Allnutt 1
3.08.2015 admingren

Our air freight experts who joined Greenshields Cowie in 2000. For over 40 years, Ray and Jean have worked together providing air freight solutions to thousands of clients in Africa, Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and the Far East. As air charter specialists, Ray and Jean are integral to the GSC’s emergency response team where life-saving goods are urgently flown to countries in crisis in support official response programmes.

Recently supporting DFID’s CHASE OT department following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal last month, Ray and Jean completed all paperwork to dispatch the emergency humanitarian relief items from Karachi for the first air charter within just four hours of the alert. With direct electronic access to Customs, Jean processes all import and export clearance documentation required for all GSC movements.