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GSC Control Tower Model

Stakeholder Management & Close Collaboration

As logistics management specialists, we prioritise personal, direct communication. We ensure the effective co-ordination for all stakeholders across the whole supply chain which is critical to planning and problem solving. From a logistics perspective, this covers our dealings with suppliers, international carriers, port and customs authorities, local logistics providers, delivery sites, partner government officials, project implementers and donors.

GSC’s tailors its operating processes and workflows to meet the specific requirements of the project. With support from our web based systems we can design a Control Tower project management model that allows information to be co-ordinated and shared from all sources. Providing visibility to relevant parties ensures that we can provide the flexibility for all to continually adapt plans to ensure that project schedules are completed on time and to budget. Using GSC’s Control Tower, we can either use dedicated teams to manage a project and/or supply implants to work onsite with a project (all accessing GSC’s systems).

Data Visibility & Reporting

Planning and reporting, using real time dynamic data underpins our management process, providing our logistics team with the tools to track and trace the progress of shipments, and rapidly identify and mitigate bottlenecks. In addition, we can always provide scheduled and ad hoc reporting for all parties as agreed.


  • Effective Centralised Communication
  • Proactive management of the supply chain
  • Centralised Document Management
  • Agreed Reporting and Timeliness

Value for Money

Our established global network of logistics partners allows us to select options that not only deliver optimal supply chain performance, but ultimately provide best value for money. We manage a superior network of agents, to source the best provider, at the best price, using the most effective means of transport to meet the needs of the project and the political and economic context in which we are working conditions.

Local Insight & Understanding of Complex Regions

Generic solutions do not work in fragile environments where systems are broken or not in place. GSC’s team offer a vital understanding of the bureaucratic, operational, and infrastructural challenges of less developed economies; and we offer a well-established network and knowledge among national authorities and service providers, global transport suppliers, and cargo airlines; simply, we bring an inside understanding of the world’s most challenging borders.

Agility & Adaptability

Our solutions are driven by individual context and operation needs; they are not standardised or “one-size-fits-all”. A proactive, project-managed approach is critical to deliver performance in fragile environments and developing countries where generic automated approaches will not work. Our method is therefore to deliver optimal performance through a knowledge-based, predictive and agile approach.

Highest Standards of Integrity, Transparency & Legality

Our logistics experts carefully select carriers, hauliers, warehouse operators and other sub-contractors to ensure that their high standards match our own. All our agents are required to pass rigorous due diligence procedures. Our selection also includes cargo security imperatives and compliance with global industry best practice, including International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), World Shipping Council (WSC) Guidelines to Best Practices, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and British International Freight Association (BIFA).