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Greenshields Cowie’s Experts

Our dangerous goods qualified team, who have a combined 170 years’ experience in logistics management, successfully move cold chain, dangerous goods and hazardous materials via multi-modal transport, from pharmaceuticals and mosquito nets as part of donor funded programs, to military vehicles and fireworks. Our experience clearly shows that regardless of the commodity or complexity of the location and terrain, we will get the goods to their final destination.

Graeme Kelly

Head of Freight Forwarding & Logistics

• GSC Business Leader
• Drives efficiencies in global supply chains.
• Successfully develops and deploys business focused IT systems and solutions.
• Devises innovative logistics solutions within challenging environments.
•GDP Trained


Ron Hooper

UK Operations Manager

• Leading ‘Final Mile’ Logistics Expert
• 40 years’ experience designing logistics solutions for challenging environments
• Risk mitigation expert specialising world donor health programmes
• Practiced logistics project management in Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Uganda.
• GDP Trained


Saam Osborne

Business Development Executive

• Essential business winning partner for GSC’s Global Supply Chain Services Team
• Identifies and develops new business opportunities within agreed strategic focus set by the Head of Freight Forwarding and Logistics and GSC’s Business Growth Manager.
• 11 years’ experience working in international development
• Effective bid manager and writer
• Raises GSC’s media profile and brand awareness in the UK and Internationally to enhance our reputation, credibility and impact.


Tim Woods

Logistics Systems Manager

• Systems Improvement Manager
• Quality and Due Diligence Lead
• Data assurance manager
• Experienced with air, sea and land importation with emphasis on brokerage and biosecurity
• Warehousing and order management expert, specialising in web tracking to support efficiency gains.


Kellyjo Tapsell

Key Account Manager

• Senior GSC Logistician
• Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Specialist
• Air Freight & Disaster Response Expert
• 19 years’ experience in fragile and developing country environments, managing air frieght movements as part of official Disaster Response programmes.
• Logistic Lead for the UK Government Ebola Response in Sierra Leone delivering over 1,500 tonnes emergency aid into Sierra Leone
• GDP Trained


Sophie Brayfield

Key Account Manager

• Senior GSC Logistician
• East Africa and Landlocked Countries Specialist
• Final mile logistics expert, specialising in road and air movements into South Sudan
• 15 years’ experience managing high performance multi-modal logistics solutions for donor health programmes
• End-to-end operational and risk management of the logistics chain in fragile and often hostile environments
• GDP Trained


Antoine Labigne

Key Account Manager

• Senior GSC Logistician
• West Africa Specialist
• 12 years risk-based logistics management experience
• Extensive insight into the contextual challenges of delivering into challenging environments
• Manages the movements of pharmaceuticals, health-related goods and solar equipment.
• GDP Trained


Jane Phelan

Key Account Manager

• Senior GSC Logistician
• Middle East Specialist
• 20 years’ logistics management experience delivering into fragile and conflict-affected states
• Arranges diplomatic shipments and delivery of armoured vehicles
• Manages the logistics for large-scale and long-term major infrastructure projects in developing countries
• Winner of ‘Women in Logistics Leader of the Year’ Award 2016
• GDP Trained


Bella Batista

Key Account Manager

• Senior GSC Logistician
• Multi-modal Transportation and Supply Chain Interface Specialist
• 27 years’ Logistics experience setting the standard for effective handling of cross trade shipping
• Manages transportation of freights via sea, road, air and rail.
• Manages the movements of pharmaceuticals, health-related goods and solar equipment


Rachel Lewis

Logistics Assistant

• Vital support to all Key Account Managers
• Provides high-quality administration and negotiation skills to support key distribution projects
• 8 years’ experience supporting GSC logistics programmes worldwide
• Identifies cost saving benefits for our clients working to the highest standards of integrity and accountability.
• Provides a professional and multi-modal freight forwarding service to all parts of the globe


Sam Smith

Logistics Assistant

• Dangerous Goods by Air Qualified
• Air Freight and Disaster Response Deputy
• Africa and Asia regional focus
• Cold Chain Expertise
• Deputy to the Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Specialist
• Negotiates with agents and shipping lines to source optimal routes at the best price for our clients
• Manages emergency aid distribution programmes, usually during the direct aftermath of a natural disaster or during the outbreak of conflict


Julija Strelnikova

Logistics Assistant

• Dangerous Goods by Sea Qualified
• Deputy to Vehicles and Middle East Specialist
• Arranges diplomatic shipments and delivery of armoured vehicles
• Holds a degree in International Business and a Certificate in German for Business.
• Specialist in International Business, International Shipping, Transport Logistics and European Logistics Management